Why You Should Choose Casement Windows

When you go to replace your windows, you may find that there are many more options than you might have expected there to be. It’s important to make sure that you pick the right style for your preferences and needs of your home. One of the most popular options are casement windows cincinnati oh because of their many benefits and features. This type of window features hinges that are mounted on the side and open and close vertically when a crank is rotated. While they may not be the best option for everyone, many enjoy the advantages that they have to offer.

Open ALL of the Window

One of the big things that people enjoy about casement windows is that you can open them all of the way. They are the only style of windows to be able to open as far as they do which can provide a considerable amount of ventilation for your home. Double hung windows can only open half way either on the top or the bottom while sliding windows can only open one side horizontally.

Less Obstruction, Better Views

With casement windows, the view is usually less obstructed by the muntins of the window. While some people prefer this look, it’s not always the preference of some homeowners. There are some designs of casement windows that have no muntins to obstruct your view at all. This lack of obstruction can really improve your view of the world outside and enjoy the experience you have in your home.

Side Breezes

It seems like most windows just don’t offer a good amount of air flow in your home. Even on the windiest days, some windows leave the air feeling rather stagnant. The sash of casement windows can actually help funnel the breezes into your home that other windows could not.

Improved Security

If you’re looking for a type of window that will deter burglars, casement windows are a great option because they are known to be difficult to break. The locks are hooks embedded into the frames which are almost impossible to break or even get to. Other windows like double hung ones easily compromised with something as simple as a small pry bar.

Easy to Operate

Many people find that they have a hard time opening double hung windows. The mechanism to open casement windows is easier for some people to use and opens smoothly. There are even models available with automatic opening features.

Energy Efficient

The additional airflow that casement windows can provide may help keep your home cool during warmer months without having to rely on an air conditioner as much. There are many casement windows available with an A+ energy rating which can help you save money on your electric bills.

Low Maintenance

Casement windows usually can last around three decades. They are easy to clean and usually just need a light wipe down. Casement windows are a long-lasting investment into your home.